Carpenters from Europe and beyond

When building a wooden house, the first step involves finding and selecting the air max bw pas cher right trees in the forest. Not every tree is right for building, however carpenters pass over the beech, which tends to fracture, and the linden tree, which is rather fragile. Most of the other tree species have been employed at various periods and in various places in France; whatever the case, a carpenter must know how to choose a tree and how to use air max enfant it. The oak is by far the most popular tree wherever it can be obtained, either felled locally or brought in overland or by river. Every tree species has characteristics that make it right for certain usages. The elm and hornbeam were prized for use in « mechanical framing » because of their twisted grain.

The carpenter puts every piece of wood to good use.

Lightweight woods like poplar were much sought after in the 19th century as roof beams, but they were not used in timber frame constructions, except in Champagne, because of their tendency to rot. An ash air max femme pas cher tree that is felled under an April moon is more resistant to insects, except on the outside. Fruit trees are not good sources of long pieces, but are used in Picardy for lack of an alternative. Coniferous trees that are tall and light are sought after for use in long spans. We know that France imported wood from Scandinavia from a very early date. Chestnut was supposedly used quite often in large scale wooden construction in France. This is an odd legend, because for the most part it was oak that was in fact employed. Chestnut was only used in those air max nike regions where it was quite widespread, such as in the Cevennes.

From the outside, a carpenter can tell if a tree has internal defects. These are many, and include unsound knots, ring shakes and splitting, which can rob the wood of its mechanical resistance. The best oak tree is one that nike air max bw has grown quickly.

The carpenter put every piece of wood to good use, and kept an eye out for pieces that were twisted into a flat surface. Today, these pieces are unusable in a modern sawmill, but in the past they could be highly prized in sailing ship construction. Good arched pieces were often requisitioned for warships. In roof beam constructions, arches were also sought for use in rafters and braces. Some historic buildings contain mischievous or symbolic shapes, when the tree yielded such pieces.

In northern France, topping tall trees is widely practiced; this allows valuable limbs to be cut by hand and avoids problems when the tree is felled. Those who do this are specially trained woodcutters, or tree toppers, who are able to quickly scale trees thanks nike air max pas cher to nike air max 90 pas cher crampons fitted to their boots.