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Queen’s Lyre; reconstruction; wooden parts, pegs and string are modern; lapis lazuli, air max bw pas cher shell and red limestone mosaic decoration, set in bitumen and the head (but not the horns) of the bull are ancient; the bull’s head in front of the sound box is covered with gold; the eyes are lapis lazuli and shell and the hair and beard are lapis lazuli; the significance of the beard is not known; panel on front depicts lion headed eagle between gazelles, bulls with plants on hills, a bull man between leopards and a lion attacking a bull; edges of the sound box decorated with inlay bands; eleven gold headed pegs for the strings.

Original parafin wax of the field reconstruction partially melted, with the detachment of the beard, following an intense buildup of heat in the relevant gallery on 1 July 1961 (Report to Trustees, 8 July 1961). The object was consolidated, and apparently reconstructed in 1971/72 from part of Woolley’s harp lyre 121198. »Treasures of the World’s Cultures: The British Museum after 250 Years » catalogue entryLeonard Woolley discovered several lyres in the graves in the Royal air max 2013 Cemetery at Ur. This was one of two that he found in the grave of ‘Queen’ Pu abi. Along with the lyre, which stood against air max command the pit wall, were the bodies of ten women with fine jewellery, presumed to be sacrificial victims, and numerous stone and metal vessels. One woman lay right against the lyre and, according to air max nike Woolley, the bones of her hands were placed where the strings would have been.

The wooden parts of the lyre had decayed in the soil, but Woolley poured plaster of Paris into the depression left by the vanished wood and so preserved the decoration in place. nike air max bw The front panels are made of lapis lazuli, shell and red limestone originally set in bitumen. The gold mask of the bull decorating the front of the sounding box had been crushed and had to be restored. While the horns air max 90 are modern, the beard, hair and eyes are original and made of lapis lazuli.

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