Brasil for the Telefonica Disruptive Council

I have been invited to air max bw pas cher the Telefonica Disruptive Council, a group of smart people from around the World gathering top Telefonica executives, entrepreneurs, investors (Jeff was there too) and academics. It very smart from Telefonica to do that and also courageous, we brainstorm in air max safari general about the future of technology but also the future of a Telco such as Telefonica in a no BS way. what we think telcos do great but also what isn cool.

Aside from the quality of the group it really interesting for me to get closer to such a huge organization and in general to the spanish and Latin American tech scene. This gets Telefonica closer to the startup and nike air max tn tech scene is a great idea and I think more large companies should do the same. Thanks Telefonica friends for inviting me to contribute to this group and also for your openness to let us share about it.

Fernando Madeira is the CEO of Terra and gives us a good intro from the tech scene in Sao Paulo, from the top of the Terra building, highest in Sao Paulo (Nexus S phone quality headed to Campus nike air max bw Party Brasil which is an amazing event air max pas cher that gathered 6,800 geeks here sleeping a full week in tents and hanging out around projects and conversations, not only entrepreneurship related, it got politics, entertainment, it really wide and young. The energy around is amazing. They also have a startup / projects contest starting to turn some of those projects into real businesses nike air max classic bw and it very promising. Huge kudos to Telefonica for backing nike air max 90 pas cher such a huge and open initiative and congrats to the team behind it.