Accommodation in Tallinn and Cheap Travel to Tallinn

Tallinn, air max bw pas cher the capital of Estonia, is located in Northern Europe in the north eastern part of the Baltic Sea region. However, some summers air max bw pas cher have weeks at a stretch of temperatures around +30 C, and a warm, sunny summer can keep autumn at bay air max safari until mid October. Russian, Finnish, English and German are also understood and widely spoken.Religions in Estonia:The largest denomination is Lutheran (30%) followed by Orthodox (28%), and Catholic (3%). He found « a small town like a large castle » and a busy port here. But Tallinn was a meeting point between east and west already centuries earlier. The Highest Building of the World!Until late 1800s, St. Olaf’s Church in Tallinn was the tallest building ever built. In 1500, its spire rose to a dizzying height of 159 meters. Its unparalleled size symbolized the glory of medieval Tallinn, whose golden age flourished in the 14th to the 16th century. The Oldest Apothecary of the Word!The oldest continually functioning apothecary in the world has been in business in Tallinn’s Town Hall Square since 1422. Today, bat powder and snakeskin air max 90 potion are no nike air max 2013 longer available in the Town Hall Pharmacy. But you can still try the fine medieval claret. The Best Preserved Medieval Town Hall!The Town Hall, the only intact Gothic town chaussure nike air max hall in Northern Europe, is one of the most famed symbols of the city. In 2004 the Town Hall nike air max pas cher celebrated its 600th anniversary.