Accommodation in Norway and Cheap Travel to Norway

Norway is a ruggedly beautiful country of mountains, fjords and glaciers. It offers incredible wilderness hiking, year round skiing, and some of the world’s most scenic ferry, bus and train rides. The ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’ has delightfully long summer days, pleasantly low key cities, unspoiled fishing villages and rich historic sites that include Viking ships and medieval Stave Churches. (Lonely Planet)The two principal music festivals are Hove in the town Arendal, Quart in Kristiansand, Norwegian Wood and ya (The Island) air max enfant in Oslo, Riddu Riddu in Kaafjord, Lost Weekend in Bergen, Dgnvill in Troms and Stors north of Trondheim. Search these festivalnames!Other nice festivals are Hole in The Sky Metalfestival in Bergen and Skiippagurra Festival in Tana Finnmark, Northern Norway. Festival passes can be sold outFrom Lonely Planet. For flights, trains and buses there are, however, cheap alternatives if you are able to book early.SAS (English) have cheap flights for students/youths(25 yrs) until day of air max pas cher departure, but if you book a long time in advance you might be able to get even cheaper tickets.Wideroe (English) A very good airline on the Northern Norway regions. It services most of the airports north of Trondheim and it of course services the principal ones in Southern Norway. Try to buy a multiticketpass called « Odd », its usually quite cheap.Norwegian (English and many other languages) is an ambitious airline that offers low fare flights. No student/youth discounts, but the flights are cheap especially when booking early.Norwegian State Railroads NSB (Norwegian) always offer cheaper rides online. You can go ticket less if you pay air max command by creditcard. If you book well in advance you might be able to get their Minipris offer which means that you can go as far as you want for only NOK199!Lavprisekspressen (Norwegian) offers cheap buses between Oslo and Bergen/Trondheim/Kristiansand/Copenhagen/Gothenburg. air max nike If you book early it costs only NOK49, !TransferCar4u or Returbil (Norwegian) is a service where companies or private persons who need to transport a car from one place to another can list their cars. You might find a car that you can drive france air max from A to B with even petrol expenses covered.Haiketorget (Norwegian) air max bw pas cher is a website for Norwegian hitch hikers where you can find rides. The service is not very active though, so you will be lucky to find a match.Other useful informationCustoms Norway is a very expensive country especially when it comes to alcohol and tobacco. Wether you consume these products or not, it is anyway a good idea of taking your legal quota of 1L spirits, 1L of wine, 2L of beer and 200 cigarettes as you could give them as gifts or sell them to fund other expenses. Taking more than the legal amount will involve a fine up to 6L of spirits and/or 1000 cigarettes. Exceding this amount you will have serious trouble and is not recommended. The fine follows a linear scale according to how much excess you have brought: NOK300 for 2L spirits/400 chaussure nike air max cig, NOK600 for 3L/600 cig, NOK1200 for 4L/800 cig, NOK1900 for 5L/1000 cig, NOK2500 for 6L. On top of the fine, all your goods exceding the legal limit will be consfiscated. Only people over the age of 18 can import beer, wine and cigarettes only people over the age of can import spirits.